Tips and Advantages in Timber Deck Installation

Tips and Advantages in Timber Deck Installation

If you are thinking of giving a touch more to the Landscaping Melbourne of the external or internal area of your property, continue reading this article, as today’s topic brings un-missable tips and advantages over timber decking.

Tips and Advantages in Timber Deck Installation

This architectural element was for a long time only used on ships. But over the years it has gained space and is currently one of the most used resources when it comes to leaving a cozy and functional environment.

Ah! An interesting point to be made is that a deck is not synonymous with a wooden floor. Many people imagine that it is the same element, but it is not.

The way in which Timber Decking are mounted is usually higher than the surface, creating a kind of platform, which can be placed on the floor as well as on walls to create a different visual sensation.

Now, stay on top of models, prices and see which timber deck will best meet your needs. Come with me!


Basically, there are three types of wooden decking: the modular wooden decking, the traditional one and the plastic one.

Deck Modular

If you choose this model, know that it is the most common and used model, as well as being very practical when assembling the deck.

It has a “male-female” type fitting system, made by a rubber structure that brings versatility to the environment, as they are easy to install, anyone can do the job.

Traditional deck

It’s also beautiful, but it must be said that in this case the installation is usually more labor intensive and requires the hiring of specialized labor so that the assembly is carried out correctly.

Plastic Wood Deck

Still talking about deck models, there is one that is being the darling of decorators, landscapers and customers.

Yes! The newest trend in the market is to work with plastic wood for decking and coverings.