What is the Tree Removal and Pruning Service

What is the Tree Removal and Pruning Service

The tree pruning service, besides being mandatory in some cities, maintains the harmony of the environments.

Trees are important for the entire sustainable process of the environment, but their overgrowth can cause a number of problems such as:

  • Short circuit in electrical wires;
  • Felling of branches and leaves by fouling and even damaging targets below the tree;
  • Falling risk of big branches during a storm.

In addition, some municipalities may have green areas that have trees that can fall outside established buildings.

How the tree services work

They offer tree pruning service with greater efficiency and agility than other options on the market.

The tree pruning service correctly and sustainably maintains the plants and trees.

This tree pruning service aims to not compromise the plant structure and make it also benefit from the process, growing and strengthening.

The tree pruning service also avoids termites, which damage the plant structure, and other pests, as well as eliminating pieces of hooves that are not helping its growth.

In addition to large plants, the tree pruning service also cleans small pots and flowers that need treatment against drills, termites, aphids, mealybugs, among others.

Properly pruning the tree, with proper cutting, through equipment and skilled labor, is an advantageous care as the service prevents moisture from entering and proliferation of fungi and termites.

It is noteworthy that they use only sustainable products that do not harm the environment and take care of the health of trees and plants.

They make tree removals with resources for the revitalization of green areas. In cases where seedling or tree removal and transplantation services are required, they direct trained professional clients to evaluate all conditions surrounding the site conditions and the adaptability of the replanted species. They also evaluate several aspects before any tree removal or pruning.