How to Tell if Your Soil is Alright?

How to Tell if Your Soil is Alright?

Whether you want to take your soil fertility to the next level or just want to see if your garden’s soil is in good condition, you’re at the right place. If this is your first time determining your soil type, we’ll let you know how you can easily know about your soil’s current status. So, pay special attention to the following points listed below:

How to Tell if Your Soil is Alright?

The Squeeze Test

It requires no rocket science to perform the Squeeze Test, in which a sample of soil is placed into hands to determine its type. If it feels a little gritty, it’s sandy. But if it feels slimy and slick, it’s mostly clay. Clay is important to your soil and facilitates fertilization. It’s high in nutrients and carries ample moisture to keep your plants fully hydrated.

The Ribbon Test

Take a handful of some damp soil and try to make a ribbon by rolling your garden soil between your hands. If you can easily form a ribbon and it doesn’t break when you hold it vertically, it means your soil is mostly clay, which is good for you. But if it breaks off when you try to hold it up, it means the percentage of clay in your soil is somewhere between 25 percent and 50 percent. In this case, you need recycle your soil to make it more fertile. You can contact Enviro Disposal Group, the New Jersey’s leading soil removal company that specializes in the transportation, recycling and reuse of contaminated soil, drummed wastes, sediments and C&D debris. You can always ask them for their suggestions even if they don’t operate in your area.

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