How to Decorate the Condominium for This Special Date

How to Decorate the Condominium for This Special Date

Nothing is more symbolic for the end of the year than the preparation for Christmas. With it, comes the tradition of embellishing the condominiums with lights and trees typical of the time. Call the Design and decorate condo (รับออกแบบตกแต่งคอนโด, which is the term in Thai) professionals to decorate your condo.

How to organize?

Planning: First and foremost, there should be planning about how much can be spent on the Christmas decor. If this type of ornamentation is already foreseen in the annual budget, or does not involve high costs, it is likely that no extra proration is necessary. Otherwise, it is worth voting in assembly whether there will be ornamentation and, if there is approval, how much money will be spent on the task. The required voting is the simple majority of the presents (50% plus one).

Apportionment: The administrators consulted suggest that there is an annual apportionment for the decoration costs. Thus, because it is an ordinary expense, tenants must also pay it.

Hand in the Mass: To help put together the decor, it’s worth putting together a commission of interested residents. Children can also help with work, thus promoting greater integration into the condominium.

Shopping: Buying accessories in popular centers help to keep costs even lower. Give preference to LED lamps, although more expensive, are much more economical and, because they last longer, can be used in several Christmas. It is worth mentioning that the quality of the product is essential to avoid risks of shocks and even fires. Check the voltage and if the connection plug has the seal.

Another important point is the type of decoration that the condominium hopes to present. If the wish is for something simple, such as “flicker” type trees in the garden trees and similar ornaments at the concierge, the staff themselves can take care of it.