Repairs and Replacements - Tips to Avoid Problems

Repairs and Replacements – Tips to Avoid Problems

If you find any defect or malfunction in a device during that period, contact the seller and present proof of purchase or the stamped warranty certificate.

If the problem does not result from misuse or natural wear and tear on the parts, you are entitled to have it resolved free of charge by repair or replacement.

Adequate price reduction or refund of the amount paid is also options. The choice is up to the consumer, provided that the intended is viable and cannot be considered an abuse of rights.

When you proceed with the repair, it must be completed within 30 days and you cannot be charged for travel, labor, parts or other expenses. If you have anything to repair:

  • Look for a repair service you know or have good references for.
  • Describe the situation accurately and ask for a written and detailed quote before proceeding.
  • If it seems expensive or raises doubts, research other budgets and compare them.
  • As it is a service provision, you may be charged for budgeting.
  • Inquire beforehand about the conditions.

Notify the chosen repairer that any work or material replacement not provided for in the budget can only be done with your prior agreement.

If they proceed with any intervention that does not have their express consent, they cannot charge it. Inform that you want to receive the replaced parts (if applicable). Even though it is not a guarantee that there was a replacement, it shows that you are an attentive customer.

After seeing them, if you don’t want to stay with them, leave them at the establishment so they can be treated appropriately.

The repairer must provide you with proof of deposit. Demand it and check that it contains the identification of the repairer, the device and accessories and the delivery date.

Furthermore, call professional Home Inspection team to check the performance of most important household items.