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Is Your Garage Door Safe? Read Our Checklist Of Garage Door Safety Tips!

Do you have any idea that the automatic garage door become a cause of injuries for thousands of people per year in the entire world? That’s why; it is necessary to keep your door in perfect condition to use it for a lifetime and to avoid accidents and injuries. In today’s post, we are going to talk about easy and simple garage door safety tips that you should follow.

Check the cables

Assess if the garage door cable is damaged or worn because if it is worn, it can break and can cause injury.  Call a professional Garage Door Replacement company to replace the cables if needed.

Test the sensors

The sensors are attached at the bottom of each side of the door, your job is to test if they are working fine or not. Place anything in the way of the door while closing it. The door should stop if there is an object in its way and reserve. If the door doesn’t reverse, hire Garage Door Service Manteca immediately.

Keep it smooth and quiet

The garage door should open and close smoothly and quietly, but if it doesn’t, there is something wrong with its springs. You should align the springs yourself or hire Garage Door Spring Repair Martell service.

If you are thinking about the new garage door installation, make sure the old garage door track is in order because all doors have different sizes, weights, and materials.

Keep the opener remote out of reach of kids

Your kids should stay away from the smart garage door opener Alexa and if you are using the wall garage door controller, it must be 5 feet above the ground, so kids can’t reach it. If the opener is not working well, hire a 24 hour garage door repair service.

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