White Quartz - Know Exclusive Advantages, Types and Tips

White Quartz – Know Exclusive Advantages, Types and Tips

White quartz is an ideal stone for those who want a more uniform and sophisticated effect on their decoration.

Want to know more about white quartz and the advantages it can provide for your space? So keep reading this post and check out more details about this stone that can change your decor for the better.

White Quartz: Overview

In addition to having a more neutral color and fewer veins, white quartz countertops also have antibacterial action and are highly resistant. Its surface contains low porosity, which contributes to the fact that liquids and dirt are not easily absorbed.

Its beauty really enchants and the versatility of white quartz is one of the factors that explain its high demand in the market.

It is no wonder that more and more people are using white quartz to make up the bathroom sink, or the kitchen counter, so this stone has been one of the most chosen by consumers because of its beauty and functionality in the environment where It is applied.

When you buy such a stone, you have countless advantages that only tend to improve your decor and your home as a whole.

Stone types of white quartz silestones

We have separated some examples of white quartz, but you can also check our Silestones catalog

One of the advantages of white quartz is that it does not scratch easily. This is why it is an ideal stone to use in the kitchen.

Another advantage is its variety of colors, which are very well defined and different from each other. With such a variety, you can assemble various types of decoration using this same stone that will still look innovative and unique.

Unlike other stones that have certain limitations, white quartz can be used on any surface, whether indoors or outdoors, on the wall or floor, in general furniture, anywhere.