Important Rules for Designing Office

Important Rules for Designing Office

When it comes to Designing office several things must be considered it can definitely an exciting in many ways. So here are some important rules that you should add in your planning of office designing.

1 Storage and Cleanliness

It is very important factor for office designing by using paperless solution such as cloud storage, look into different type of physical storage to optimize the amount of space in your office. Another element of office designing can actually be provided by your colleague’s cleanliness. It’s just an important because it affects the office image and the workers efficiency.

2 Comfort Lobby Designing

First impression is always matters. The design of your company lobby and reception area is an important aspect of your brand. You definitely want your visitors to have a pleasant experience when they visit your office. This is why you need to have an inviting reception area. To make your office lobby more pleasant, you can always add small considerate touches like

  • Adding element like runner rugs.
  • Magazines to pass their time in the lobby.

3 Natural Light and Greenery

This is an important part of your office designing. Natural light help people to see things better. Human’s vision is designed to adjust with changes in natural light. It’s actually better for your eyes than florescent light because it causes headache and eye strain, it’s also improved your productivity.

4 Good Quality Furniture

It is important to spend property on furniture and to think long term effects of wear and tear, as well as comfortable for presentations. People who purchase low quality furniture will face many issues with them deteriorating quickly. There are many health problems associated with cheap types of furniture like back pain, bad posture and physical discomfort.

5 Right Amount Of Space

It is an important part of designing your office you will need to take storage space into consideration when working on your office design. Take into consideration things like filing cabinets, storage wall and even a resource for stationary supplies. You will need to consider items like meeting rooms, reception area, visitors seating and breakout area. Creating workspace promote collaboration, innovation and improve your office tremendously.

This article written by Yuval Hilel, interior designer from Israel.