How a Stale or Bad Office Design Could be Implicating Your Business

How a Stale or Bad Office Design Could be Implicating Your Business

What’s your idea of a perfect office design? Are you aware that a well-designed office can boost the productivity of your staff and impact positivity on your overall performance? It is worrisome to see offices that still have some stale or even bad/terrible office designs that have been in use since ages past. While it may be obvious to many business managers that this can negatively affect business, some others do not see it in that light and that’s why we will discuss some reasons why stale office designs are slowly affecting your business.

1. Discomfort:

The first bad effect of an old or a bad office design is that workers are usually in discomfort while working. From having to move old desks and other furniture, to battling with constrained movement, workers will always feel a measure of discomfort while at work and, over time, may experience psychological effects like reluctance or apathy towards work and reduced input and productivity.

How a Stale or Bad Office Design Could be Implicating Your Business

2. Lack of inspiration:

Where the colors are just bland and the environment looks sterile, workers may not find much inspiration to work. It is known that bright hues are connected with mental stimulation and if your workers have to sit in front of the same designs year in and out, it could mean they would function just like that without having much inspiration for birthing ideas.

3. Health:

A healthy workforce is a healthy company. These days, more research is focused on how to help the average 8-hour-per-day worker find creative ways to exercise and relax while at work. The reason? Sitting in one position for long is a sure way to develop health issues. So, if your office design isn’t one that encourages flexibility and relaxation, you’re reducing the productivity of the staff.

4. Turn off the millennials:

A lot of new workers today are fashionable and like to work where their style is expressed, where they can find an expression of modern trends and this is important in helping them settle in. So, if your staff are not in an ambiance that allows them to find expression, then don’t be surprised that your business might be suffering in some way.

5. Killing collaboration:

If you had an idea but had to walk ten meters before sharing it with a friend, it may not seem like an issue at first but give it time, when you begin to have a stream of ideas and each time, you had to get up for a 10-meter dash before spilling it, it will get tiring. And at some points, you’re just going to allow the ideas to sit for a while. Do you get the picture now? Your traditional office setting might be killing the collaborative effect your workers have. You don’t need to compromise privacy for this, but you need to create an environment for collaboration.

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