How Often You Need Pressure Washing

How Often You Need Pressure Washing?

Pressure or Power washing has become an instant solution to get rid of grime buildup which is nearly impossible to clean otherwise. However, high washer pressure and stream can damage wooden surface if you are not careful. Also, you don’t want to wash every day and ruin your upholstery.

Don’t worry, we are giving you easy pointers for when you need to use your pressure washer without doing any damage.

How Often You Need Pressure Washing

When to Use One?

Pressure washing also known as pressure washing is used to clean to wash out dirt, and grim buildup. Its important to use the right machine, nozzle and respective attachment to assure there is no damage.

Yes, too much power of pressure can strip paint, or poke through thin wood.  Therefore you need to be careful with the power of pressure, and nozzle angle. Following, we are explaining why home owners hire Pressure Washing Services:

Clean Home Siding: If you covered the sidings in vinyl, you can easily clean them with a power wash.

Prepare Trim for Painting: Remove the grim on wall, and sidings with a pressure wash.

Prepare Wood Deck: Clean your wood deck and porches before you apply a new coat of paint.

Clean Composite: If you have dirty railings and stairs that you want to repaint, use a pressure washing to clean them up first.

Clean Furniture: We are not talking about the lavish and leather one. Instead, it washes outdoor furniture which is designed to survive rains, and etc.

Clean Roof: These machines are effective for getting rid of moss, and lichens growing on your roof top.

If your house is older than 30 years, then it could be painted with lead paint. So before you hire a pressure washing Houston company, you better make sure they know how to work with lead paint.