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How to Do Carpet Cleaning

There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning, still barefoot and stepping on the soft, warm carpet, or sitting on the living room carpet to watch a movie with the family.

Carpets cover our home with comfort and add charm to the environment, but care must be taken when cleaning carpet to avoid damaging the fibers and eliminating dust mites that are the major villains of respiratory health.

Here’s how to clean carpet periodically, from basic carpet maintenance to deep cleaning, as well as which products to use to remove carpet odors and stains.

How to clean carpet: Weekly maintenance

To keep the carpet as clean as possible during periodic cleaning of the house just use the vacuum cleaner, move the vacuum cleaner towards the carpet fibers, slowly to suck all dirt particles well. Furthermore, you can also hire crusade carpet cleaning services for weekly carpet cleaning.

It is a shallow clean, but it helps keep carpets seemingly clean, especially for those with pets.

Do not use the broom in any way to sweep the carpet, as this causes the accumulated dust to rise and spread throughout the room, and hard broom bristles will spoil the carpet fibers.

So avoid the broom and just use the vacuum cleaner or the electric broom – which is a vacuum cleaner with a different trade name for the same function “vacuuming”.

How to remove the hair that does not come out?

Those with pets know that the fur does not always come out with the vacuum cleaner, especially cats that seem to be impregnated on the carpet, in this case a good option is to use a damp cloth with a bit of 1 part white vinegar and 1 part of water, or put the water and vinegar in a spray bottle and vacuum.