Shark Vacuum Cleaner does not Suck? See What to Do

Don’t feel like the unluckiest person in the world, because Shark Vacuum Cleaner problem doesn’t suck dust is one of the most common vacuum cleaner defects. The good news is that in most situations you can find the source of the malfunction yourself without spending money on service.

If your shark vacuum cleaner is not sucking in the dirt as it should, here are some common situations that can cause the vacuum cleaner not to suck, all with tips on how to solve this problem.

When the engine runs

If you notice that the engine of the appliance is running (it is making normal operating noise) but the vacuum does not suck normally, then the problem is not so serious – at least it is not in the engine. Note the following situations that reduce the suction power of your vacuum cleaner:

Clogged hoses or pipes

Something may be clogging the hoses and pipes, so your vacuum cleaner does not suck properly. How to unclog hoses and pipes varies with shark vacuum cleaner models. Therefore, refer to the manual of your vacuum cleaner for how to proceed. Also check that the rubber tube, floor scrub brush, or connecting tube is clogged.

Bad dust container cap fitted

If the dust container is not properly fitted, your vacuum cleaner does not vacuum properly. Take a look at how the dust container fits, and make sure there are no gaps.

Dirty filters

As you use your vacuum cleaner, the exhaust filter and engine protection filter will accumulate a lot of debris. If they accumulate a lot of dirt, they will end up impairing the operation of your vacuum cleaner. So it is good to take a look at the condition of your vacuum cleaner filters and clean them.

Furthermore, you can order Shark Vacuum parts according to application at your home.