garage door repair Franklin

Garage Door Repair Guide – Fixing Common Issues with Tracks, Alignment, and Hardware

Garage doors are made up of two major components: the garage door and the opener. We’ll show you how to repair both in this article. Let’s start with the door itself.

garage door repair Franklin

Garage Door Repair

Spring tension is used to operate overhead garage doors. The garage wall tracks are used to move the door, which is powered by a heavy spring. 

Repairs are usually fairly easy when the garage door Franklin is not working properly. Here are some useful repair tips:

Step 1: Check out the metal tracks

Check the brackets holding the tracks to walls. Tighten any loose bolts or screws on the brackets. Examine the tracks from the inside of the garage, with the garage closed. 

Look for any dents, crimps or flat areas. If you find any damaged areas, use a rubber mallet or a hammer to remove them. The tracks should be replaced if they are severely damaged.

Step 2: Use a level to check the alignment

The horizontal tracks should slope slightly downwards toward the rear of the garage. With roll-up door, the vertical sections should be perfectly plumb. 

The garage walls must have both tracks at the same level. If the tracks aren’t properly aligned then loosen the mounting bracket screws and bolts but don’t remove them. Tap the tracks into place. Check the track alignment with a level and tighten any screws or bolts on the mounting brackets.

Step 3: Use a concentrated household cleaner to clean the tracks and remove any dirt or grease

The rollers should be cleaned thoroughly. Wipe both the tracks and rollers to dry.

Step 4: Check the hardware for loose screws and tighten if necessary. 

Check the plates on swing-up door to make sure that the screws are tight. Tighten any loose screws. Check the hinges on roll-up door sections. Tighten any loose screws and replace any damaged ones. The hinges can be adjusted to correct a door that is sagging on one side. 

Replace the screw in the enlarged hole with a longer screw of the same size and use a hollow fibre plug dipped into carpenters glue. 

Remove the hinge if the wood has cracked. Fill the cracks with wood filler and then replace the hinge. Let the wood filler dry, then replace the hinge. Move the hinge to solid wood if possible.


Do not attempt to repair a door with only one torsion-spring in the middle. It is possible that you could be injured by the spring due to its tension. Call a professional to repair doors that have this type of spring

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