ahp alphatig 201xd

Why is ahp alphatig 201xd the right option for you?

Are you looking for a premium-quality TIG welder? It may seem like finding a god model is a piece of cake, but in fact, it is not. There are so many brands available and therefore it gets tough to decide which one will be best. What should be seen is how longlasting the welder will be, and there will be a warranty attached to it or whether it will not be attached. When it comes to performance and quality, AHP’s Alphatig 201XD is the best option.

ahp alphatig 201xd

This welder will be very affordable and you can buy this at a price that is fully good for the worth. It has some amazing features that will ensure you are doing your work perfectly and timely.

What should ahp alphatig 201xd be used on?

  • stainless steel,
  • alloy steel,
  • thin-gauge materials

These are the materials that would be best for the wielding work, that this welder would work best on.

How much does the ahp alphatig 201xd weigh?

50 pounds is the right weight for the welder, and that is exactly how much it weighs. It has a very plain design yet a very suitable and durable one. It has some great technology to match with, as well.

What kind of work does this welding machine do?

It is suitable for work that can be characterized as heavy duty work. It can do work for long hours and can also be carried easily as it has great portability for sure. A carry handle will make your work much easier to carry it and take it to places.

What is the warranty?

You will get a warranty for sure. A proof of purchase from authorized dealers needs to be provided at all costs in order to attain warranty. Warranty will help you with repairs when you need them, and will be like something to fall back on.

Is the overall value good for your money?

The overall value is very interesting. The newer version has AC frequency and better balance, however, still at the same time there is so much more that is going good about the older version as well. It is yellow and black in colour and will surely be looking good at your disposal. However, its practical use is definitely better than its appearance.

How is the use when it is compared to other welding machines?

When compared to other welding machines, it is definitely the best choice, even when it is compared to the new ones. One of the greatest things about the 201XD is that it comes with a convenient “pulse” feature – it’s fully adjustable, and you can easily manipulate the heat output thanks to the advanced inverter technology.

The idea is to make an investment that is more of a one time investment and can be classified as long term so you do not have to spend time looking for another welding machine sooner than later. Good luck!