What Are The Signs Of A Bad Home Foundation

What Are The Signs Of A Bad Home Foundation?

What are the signs of a bad home foundation? Atlanta Georgia home owners are constantly told by their real estate agents that their homes need no foundation work. If you ask a professional, such as an engineer, who has built hundreds of homes, they will tell you the same thing. A new home needs proper support from its foundation to keep the weight of the entire structure on its hinges, and the weak spots in older homes can easily be hidden once the “crawlspace” is excavated and drywalled. By not doing any of this work, there is a greater chance of damage to the home from both above and below ground factors. Visit this website for more details.

So, what are the signs of a bad home foundation? There are several… but let’s start with the simplest first: A cracked foundation, which means your new home could have major problems now that it’s standing. A small crack, or a slight crack at the base of a wall, is nothing to worry about for most homebuyers. You may have to dig down deep to find a problem, but if you do, it’s not likely that the rest of the house is going to fall down as a result of the “cakewalk” effect of the home settling after the new home is poured.

What about major cracks? These are very noticeable and often indicate a much larger problem. Large cracks can compromise the structural integrity of the home and may require that you put in basement finishing to restore it to its original appearance (i.e. the home foundation may have to be rebuilt, or the area around the base of the walls should be finished with interior grade waterproofing).

What are the signs of a bad home foundation? There are actually several common signs that your home may need foundation repair. Any time that you have to walk on or stand on your home’s flooring, there’s a good chance that part of the floor has been damaged. Similarly, any time that you have to crawl through or under your home, you may be exposing your home foundation to further damage.

What are the signs of a bad home foundation? One sign of a bad home foundation is that your home is leaning to one side. Any time that you put in a new floor or wall, you’re introducing lateral pressure to your home. And when you have a lot of lateral pressure, even “good” cement foundation slabs can begin to bow.

Another sign of a bad home foundation is the existence of sags or missing mortar. This is a very subtle sign and it can sneak up on you. Most homeowners aren’t looking for foundation problems, they want their homes to look nice. If you’ve noticed uneven flooring, broken or missing mortar on basement walls, or sags in your wall frames, then you know that you have a problem that requires serious attention.