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Mosquitoes have always been a constant annoyance in every single home. How many times have you had a romantic evening dinner ruined because of mosquito bites or had your nap disturbed by those annoying mosquitoes buzzing sound? After all the insecticides you’ve used and all the insect repellent sticks that you’ve bought, those mosquitoes just keep coming back for more! But is there more to know about mosquitoes besides that?

Pest Control London

According to the American Heritage dictionary, a mosquito is “Any of various two-winged insects of the family Culicidae, in which the female of most species is distinguished by a long proboscis for sucking blood.” Now that probably doesn’t sound that bad to the average consumer. But do you know the diseases that mosquitoes carry such as dengue, malaria, yellow fever and encephalitis?

Here are some facts you should know about mosquitoes:

Most species of mosquitoes reproduce by laying their eggs in water.

Some house owners still don’t know this, but this means that ANY containment of water, such as pots, or even overturned cans can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

In warm weather, mosquitoes can produce a new generation in just seven days, although two weeks is a more common span.

Once mosquitoes do spawn, they will wreak havoc wherever they may roam.

One of the most common diseases that mosquitoes may carry is Malaria disease, which is caused by a blood-borne parasite that infects and then destroys red blood cells.

Once infected, the victims may suffer from repeated episodes of fever, or anaemia or worse, death.

Another common deadly disease that the mosquitoes carry is the infamous dengue fever. Causing fever, chills and skeletal pain for many years, this disease is commonly carried by the Aedes Mosquito and is a constant threat to homeowners.

Symptoms include bleeding from the nose, mouth, and gums, excessive thirst and difficulty breathing.

A lot of these symptoms also mirror another deadly virus, the ebola virus. Thus, serious steps must be taken to prevent this very serious problem.

Mosquitoes are attracted to, besides our sweet, fresh blood, perspiration, warmth, body odour, carbon dioxide, and light. Several devices are sold which are supposed to attract, trap, and destroy mosquitoes and other flying insects. However, if these devices are attractive to mosquitoes, they probably attract more mosquitoes into the area and may, therefore, increase rather than decrease mosquito annoyance!

Also, consider this: The best environment for mosquitoes to breed and to carry out their blood-sucking activities is in warm, hot and humid conditions. Due to global warming, not only tropical countries are at risk, but so is the rest of the world. And conventional insect repellents in aerosol cans, even though they might kill mosquitoes in small doses, also contribute to destroying the ozone layer, which might in time, produce an even better condition for mosquitoes to breed!

As one can see, the threat of mosquitoes is very real and very serious. So if you want to protect yourself in the best way possible just, get help from Pest Control London and their unique, pest control solutions.

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