Finally Solving the Mystery of My Sticking Garage Door

I’ve been dealing with a sticking garage door for what feels like forever. No matter what I tried – lubricating the tracks, tightening loose hardware, checking the springs – nothing seemed to fix the problem. It would open fine sometimes but other times it would get stuck halfway or three-quarters of the way up. Beyond frustrating!

A Recommendation for Help

A friend who had recently had garage door repairs suggested I call Garage Door Repair Highland Springs. They said the technicians there were knowledgeable, prompt, and provided a warranty on their work. I was willing to give anything a try at that point so I gave them a call.

The Professional Assessment

The technician arrived right on time for the scheduled appointment. He took a look at my garage door and tracks while I explained the sticking issue. He pointed out that my tracks were quite dirty and could benefit from a good cleaning. He also noted that one of the wheels was slightly out of alignment. His assessment made me realized I clearly wasn’t properly maintaining things on my own.

The Repair Process

To address the sticking, the technician removed the tracks to give them a thorough cleaning. He then re-aligned the wheel and tightened a couple fittings that had become loose. The repairs only took about an hour but made a huge difference. He showed me how to properly lubricate the tracks going forward to prevent buildup. I was impressed by how knowledgeable and efficient he was.

The Relief of a Smooth-Operating Door

In the weeks since the repairs, my garage door has been operating like a dream. No more stuck halfway points or slow rises. It glides up and down the tracks effortlessly. Not having that frustration and worry has made such a difference. I’m kicking myself for not getting help sooner instead of wasting time ontemporary fixes. The cost of the repairs was well worth the peace of mind.

Maintenance is Key

As the technician advised, I’ve been keeping up with regular lubrication and checks to maintain the smooth operation. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way. I wish I had realized that sooner but am thankful a friend recommend such a great local garage door company. Their expertise really solved the mystery of my sticking door issue for good. Now I can focus on other projects instead of fighting with the garage door. Overall, very pleased with the service.