Concrete Roofing Parts and Structures

When people think about building or renovating the roof, that concern automatically comes, after all, we are talking about the roof that guarantees protection for the construction, right? This headache is usually even greater for those who don’t know much about roofs, who end up feeling lost with the details. Therefore, today we came to explain to you what the components of a roof are and what the functions of each one are. Come on?

Now, let’s go to complementary parts and accessories of concrete roof. For professional consultation, contact us at B&M Roofing.


Roof Tile

It is the main element of the roof. These are responsible for providing style and personality to the construction, in addition to being a key element in determining the performance and durability of the roof.


It is the part that divides each of the waters at the top of the roof. Ridge parts are available for all profiles, the flat ridge being different from the ridge for corrugated profiles. What differentiates the nomenclature ridge and spike is the use of the piece: the ridge is used in the junction of roofs horizontally in lines without inclination; on the other hand, the groin is used to join the roofs on the sloped diagonals.

Initial Spike

These pieces are used at the end of the spike line.

Attic Water

Also called corner, this piece facilitates the drainage of rainwater, reducing the risk of leakage and infiltration. It is mainly indicated for roofs with more than 27% inclination.


This accessory is a replacement mat for metallic flashing for finishing at the junction points of tiles with walls and other roof trim. It is used to prevent infiltration in difficult places.

Drum Top Wall

High-strength painted aluminum material used to provide protection for built- in roofs and for boundary walls.