How to Make a Roof - Planning and Building Tips

How to Make a Roof – Planning and Building Tips

The roof is an essential element for buildings. To build a good roof there are numerous options of roof types and materials. This article wants to show you how to make an ideal roof for your building.

How to make a proper roof

1 – Definition of type of coverage

The first step is defining the type of coverage. For this definition, the roofing companies Toronto must take into account some factors, such as the building’s architecture, possible weather conditions in the region, availability of manpower, availability of building materials, safety and economy.

How to Make a Roof - Planning and Building Tips

There are several types of roofing and this step is essential to the success of your roof.

The main type of cover is flat water cover. That is, it is the conventional roof with its flat surface. This type of roof can be divided into other segments according to the amount of water the roof has.

2 – Definition of tile type

With the type of roofing set the next step of how to make a roof is to choose the type of roofing.

For this you must take into account the visual aspect and the financial part. In many cases the roofs will be concealed by ledges, so the only point to note is the financial side.

3 – Definition of roof structure

The roof structure will be executed according to the type of roof of the building, i.e. its amount of pillars, and the type of tile.

There are two materials available on the market for the roof structure which are wood and steel. Timber structures are more conventional and were used on almost all older roofs due to their low cost.

However, as the cost of steel materials decreases and the cost of wood increases, the choice of material should be well evaluated in each case, as the economic advantage may vary with region and availability of suppliers.