Check out Key Tips for Choosing the Ideal Sofa for Your Home

Check out Key Tips for Choosing the Ideal Sofa for Your Home

Making a mistake in choosing the sofa can bring a series of problems, such as a tiring environment, with a smaller aspect, maintenance difficulties. To be able to compose a cozy space and avoid regrets, check out 15 tips.

1) Sofa for TV room or home theater should have softer foam due to the comfort it provides to those who will spend long periods watching movies and programs. In the living room, it can be sleeper sofa.

2) The furniture determines the carpet. If it is dark, it is worth investing in leather sofa for the floor. If it is printed, it is better to choose a neutral one. Plain sofa makes room for the patterned rug.

3) To rule out the chance of making mistakes, the best bet is a flat and, preferably, clear sofa.

4) The tip for homes with children and pets is a dark sofa, which best disguises possible dirt. In this case, the decoration of the rest of the room should prioritize light tones, avoiding heavy air and the appearance that the space is smaller.

5) Beige tones are always in evidence. Current trends are shades of gray and blue.

6) Normally, the rooms have space for two sofas of different sizes. Anyone who wants can combine shades of the same color (for example, dark blue in one piece and light blue in another).

7) The size of the room dictates that of the sofa. It is important to have at least 70 cm of space for circulation around the furniture. If the environment is small and can receive only a two-seat piece, the suggestion is to bet on ottomans like coffee table, for example.

8) The sofa set can be used to divide the environment. The architects indicate having a sideboard behind them.