Buy a Curtain for Home

Tips on How to Buy a Curtain for Home

Buying curtains for home is not an easy task, but it seems easy. Many things should be considered before buying curtains like, measuring the length and width of windows, choosing the right fabric or material, picking the right design that matches with the interior of the room. In this article, we will give the guide to buy the curtains that one should go into his/her purchase.

Choose your needs

Before selecting a design of curtain, check where you want to hang the curtains and what the purpose of hanging is so that it will make you ease while selecting the material of curtains. Do you think the home curtains where you want to hang the curtains are exposed to sunlight or not?

Check the material

After choosing the purpose of use, your next step is to find the right style. Style of the curtains includes color, the texture of fabric, prints, and patterns. For a curtain, it is recommended to use linen fabric as it gives a different feeling, but there is also a disadvantage of using linen fabrics as it cleans only by dry cleaning as it is heavier like silk and velvet. If you are having kids or having pets in your home then you may go for cotton as it can be washed easily.

Measure the length

The full-length curtains add the beauty of any room. But as far as kitchen or child’s room is considered, here long length may cause trouble. For a decent look of the room, the length of curtains matters a lot, the length of the curtain should touch the floor or having half an inch above from the surface of the floor. If the length of the curtains is not proper, then it creates trouble while opening and closing it. If anyone having craze of giving dramatic look to a room, then panels of the curtain should extend a couple of inches more after touching the floor.

Time to Buy

The best buyer knows the time to best time to buy the curtains. It has been observed when the new stock arrives in the market the retailer increases the prices, According to a survey the best time to buy the curtains is the month of January, it’s the time when most of the seller put a discount on all kind of Linen fabrics. Another good time to buy a curtain is the month of August because many stores offer flat discounts on room accessories like curtains. If you can’t wait for these months, then find discount the shop that is near to you.

Hang the curtains

All is done, now it’s the time to hang the home curtains. Measure the size of the window (i.e. height and width) and write on the paper so you know the length of a rod while purchasing. Adjust the rod of a window about 6 inches above from windowpane. With this adjustment, you can push and pull the curtains easily.