10 Step Guide To Choosing The Right TV For You

10 Step Guide To Choosing The Right TV For You

A television is a solid piece of furniture in your home that you will keep forever. You’re going to want to get the choice of TV right, but choosing the right TV can be hard! This is what this helpful guide is for. You will spend thousands of hours watching it, you will want to spend a few choosing the right one for you. 

When you are shopping for a TV there are a lot of options such as a 4K TV, OLED, LED and much much more. Our main goal is to make sure you get the best value for money and a TV that will give you and your family the best viewing experience. 

10 Step Guide To Choosing The Right TV For You

STEP 1 – Your Price Range

This is quite simple, the more you spend the better the features. Television prices have come down in price over the last 3-5 years and are at the best price they have been in years. TVs now-a-days have a huge range of features and we will discuss this more as we go along. Sit down and write down everything you like, and then you will know what to ask for when you’re shopping and at what budget. 

STEP 2 – Choose Your Size

This will totally depend on the space you have in your home. The general rule used to be that the bigger the better, however TVs today whether they are big or small have incredible quality and are designed so well! We have gone from big, black boxes that take up the space and clash with the room to incredibly thin and beautiful TVs that work in your room and range from sizes 32 inch to 100 inches. 


Let’s make this easy for you! OLED is more expensive however the quality of the picture is incredible. A 4K LED TV still offers a spectacular viewing experience and the good ones come with the same smart TV features found in OLED TVs. 

Lower-end LED TVs often have viewing angle issues; you have to sit directly in front of the TV to see the best picture. If you’re off to the side, the picture fades. At the end of the day the choice is completely yours there are pros and cons to both, and a sales representative will be able to help make your choice. 

STEP 4 – Streaming Platforms 

Smart TVs are pretty much standard these days and this is a good thing as technology is only getting faster and more intelligent. Smart TVs let you enjoy wireless freedom and control, they let you get rid of your cable or satellite services thanks to streaming services such as Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Prime and Youtube. You can also personalise them to add home videos, photos and music from your computer or phone. 

STEP 5 – Audio 

There is no surprise here at all that if you are planning on upgrading your TV you may want to think about your audio too. Speakers are chunky anymore; they are actually pretty darn incredible and most of the time are built into the computer. 

Audio doesn’t have to be pricey and there are loads of sound bars on the market at the moment, some of which are even wireless. You could even go all out and get a home theatre sound pack which will be as loud as you want with an immersive experience.

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