Tips For Renovating The Kitchen Without Spending A Lot

Tips For Renovating The Kitchen Without Spending A Lot

If you have a room that is widely used in the house is the kitchen. And when it is beautiful and decorated, the art of cooking becomes much more pleasurable! As much as your dream is to make custom furniture, living on rent is not a good idea. But calm down, don’t give up on your kitchen yet, I’ll show you great kitchen renovations Calgary tips, look!

  1. Renew your cabinets with paper contact

First of all, I wanted to give you a super original and totally changing kitchen tip: Renew the paper cupboards. I did this at my house and it’s amazing the difference, it got a lot more modern, look at the picture.

  1. Replace cabinet knobs

If you don’t want to move the cabinets, a good tip is to just change the cabinet knobs. If the cabinets are old, even better! Putting a handle “different”, the closet already gets another face. You can make the knobs yourself or buy them ready-made at haberdashery!

  1. Apply wall sticker

If you want to renovate the kitchen by changing any wall without painting it, you can apply wall stickers! There are specific models for tiles, if you prefer, or different designs.

In addition, there are wall sticker options to apply to the entire wall, just like wallpaper, but it is cheaper and easier to apply.

  1. Paint the tiles or wall

How about painting the tiles? If the kitchen is all white, painting the tiles with a vibrant color is sure to give a bold face to the environment. Another tip would be to paint just the tile grout if you don’t like the original color.

Here at home we painted one of the kitchen walls yellow and brightened the mood! You don’t have to paint them all, just paint one wall and you will be totally renovating the environment.