How to Troubleshoot and Fix Common Track Issues

Is Your Garage Door Off its Tracks? Learn How to Troubleshoot and Fix Common Track Issues

The garage door tracks are an important but often overlooked part of the garage door system. If your tracks develop common track issues like misalignment or damage over time, it can cause your door to get stuck or move unevenly. 

In Chittenden County, VT and other cold weather climates, tracks are especially susceptible to these issues due to exposure to snow, ice, and temperature fluctuations throughout the year.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Common Track Issues

Common Track Issues

One of the most frequent track issues homeowners encounter is misalignment of the tracks. Over years of opening and closing the door, the tracks can shift out of alignment either vertically or horizontally. Misaligned tracks will cause the wheels to rub against the track, putting excess stress on the door and opener motor. 

Another common track issue is physical damage to the tracks. Dents, bends, or cracks in the track can obstruct the wheels and prevent smooth door operation. Debris or ice buildup inside the tracks is also a common culprit for doors getting stuck.

Troubleshooting Track Issues

If your door is getting stuck or moving unevenly, the first step is to inspect the tracks for any issues. Look for signs of misalignment by seeing if the wheels are rubbing against the track. Check for physical damage by running your hand along the track interior. Clear out any debris or ice inside the tracks. 

Gently try to realign any misaligned sections of track by adjusting the mounting brackets with an adjustable wrench. Lubricate the wheels and tracks with dry graphite lubricant spray to help roll any stuck areas free.

Track Replacement

For more severe issues like heavily damaged or misshapen tracks, replacement may be necessary. Track replacement involves removing the old tracks by detaching mounting brackets from the wall or ceiling. 

Measure and cut new tracks to length, ensuring they are perfectly straight and parallel. Reattach the new tracks with the mounting brackets and square them for proper alignment. Reinstall the door and test the operation before securing all fasteners.

With regular inspection and maintenance of the garage door tracks, you can help prevent common track issues from developing in Chittenden County and beyond. Don’t let track problems keep your garage door from operating smoothly.


How can I tell if a track is bent or damaged?

Inspect tracks closely for any dents, cracks, bends, or kinks in the track interior. Gently run your hand along the track feeling for any obstructions the wheels could catch on.

What type of lubricant should I use on garage door tracks?

Use a dry lubricant like graphite or talcum powder spray that will not attract debris. Avoid oil-based lubricants which can gum up over time or attract dirt.