How to Level A Garage Door? Step-By-Step Guide!

The first thing you have to focus on while getting your garage doors installed is whether it’s leveled properly or not. Because when the garage door isn’t leveled, it may have a lot of problems.

Due to the gap, the water may go inside the garage and damage your luxurious cars. Not only that, if the garage door isn’t leveled, it tends to close faster.

So, how to level a garage door? In this article, you will learn exactly that. Make sure you finish reading this article before you leave!


Steps for leveling a garage door

Let’s discuss how to level a garage door that is uneven. So, follow the steps carefully.

1) Measure the size of The Gap

To begin with, you must measure the distance between both garage doors. For the calculation, measure the shaft’s starting and ending distances.

Calculating the angle of an arc is also possible with a scientific calculator that has the SIN function.

2) Replace Cables

When the cables get old, they may stretch and fray. So, see if they’re frayed or not. If they are, then replacing them with new ones would solve the issue. That’s crucial to do, as if the cables are frayed, no matter what you do, the door will remain uneven.

3) Shut off the electricity.

Disconnect the garage door’s power source or turn off the circuit breaker. This prevents the door from opening.

4) Make adjustments on one side.

Take the opposite side of the gap as a starting point. Consequently, you will level the right side with a gap on the left. The lower side of the door can be raised by turning the set screws in the drum counterclockwise. If the screws aren’t fully turned, make marks on the shaft.

5) Now, come to the second side.

Put a mark on the drum, the shaft, and the shaft in its current position. There is a quarter-inch gap between the shaft mark and the drum mark. One-eighth of an inch should separate the markers under an inch-wide door.

6) Shaft stabilization

To stabilize the shaft, put a vise grip on it. With a wedge, attach the vise grip’s end to the top of the door. Allow the two marks to coincide as you gradually remove the set screw. The two screws should then be gradually repositioned once this point is reached.

7) Now check the level.

You should now check to see if your door is level. Don’t over-tighten the screws, as this could harm the shaft. Tighten all the screws all the way, but don’t over-tighten them. Let go of the vice grip and turn on the electricity.

So, these are the steps to level a garage door. If you have any confusion, you can ask in the comment section. Or, if you think you can’t do this on your own, then reach out on the garage door replacement Poquoson service page.

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